8th Grade Religion

"The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength."

This is our school theme for the year.

It is a joy for me to be back with my St. Thomas family. May we be open to God's amazing plan for our year, and make choices that will lead us to become the best versions of ourselves.

God Bless You!!!

Mrs. Draeger

RELIGION HOMEWORK - Week of September 16th

Decision Point - 8ACC -   complete Dec. Pt. pg. 38 - due Thursday, Sept. 19
                                           complete pgs. 5, 11, 17, 22 and 25 - due Tuesday, Sept. 17

                               8R -      complete Dec. Pt. pgs. 34 and 38 - due Thursday, Sept. 19

                                           complete Decision Point - pgs. 5, 11, 17 and 22    
                                           due Tues. Sept. 17

                                            Explain the following quote from St. Augustine  
                                          "You have made us for yourself, O Lord and our
  hearts are restless until they rest in you."    
                                           (complete this assignment in notebook) -due Wed. 9/18