8th Grade Religion



"The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength."

This is our school theme for the year.


RELIGION HOMEWORK - Week of November 18


8ACC and 8R - Due Nov. 19 - What habit will you change/add to prepare for Advent?

 8ACC and 8R - ADVENT PROJECT - In order to prepare for Christmas during this Advent season, you have chosen to work on a habit that will enable you to become a better version of yourself.  You have identified the habit - next you should create a plan for you to succeed.  You may include a calendar, some type of measurement and might even want to use an accountability partner.  Throughout Advent, you will provide me with a weekly update.  I will review your update and give you feedback to help you achieve your goal.  The following dates are the due dates for each update:  December 5,  12,  and 19.   Your updates MUST be sent to me at cdraeger@sttaob.com through google docs.  You MUST submit three individual updates before each of the deadlines.  You cannot send two updates during one week period.  After Christmas break, you will be asked to write a reflection summary about your experience.