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Digital Technology





Digital Technology

Ms.Donna Delfino




HOMEROOM:  7:50 - 8:00

BLOCK 1:  8:00 - 8:40

BLOCK 2:  9:00 - 9:40

BLOCK 3:  10:00 - 10:40

BLOCK 4:  11:00 - 11:40

BLOCK 5:  12:00 - 12:40

BLOCK 6:  1:00 - 1:40

The ZOOM meeting will remain open for 15 minutes after class ends for any questions.



Zoom meeting links will now be found in your child's Google Classroom. The link will be posted the night before the class.


We will be using the same procedure we used back in March. Remember, you need to have your microphone turned off and your camera on so I can see you.  You will still be getting a daily grade for your classwork.  If you are not visable you will be marked absent from class.

**If you are absent on a day you have Digital Technology, please sign into Google Classroom and continue the assignment**



Please read the Zoom Etiquette chart below.  


Practice Zoom Professionalism | Minnesota State University, Mankato



Please sign into your classroom using the codes below.  All Digital Technology lessons will be done using the Google Suite.


Grade 1

Google Classroom codes:   1A  sjvqe3h         1B p4kpcjf

Grade 2

Google Classroom codes:       2A h7cteuv       2B nn6sya3    


Google Classroom codes:       3A 5qs7q6c        3B 6fn2bfj 

Grade 4

Google Classroom codes:     4A 5boakzb       4B qt6w4jj 

Grade 5:  

Google Classroom codes:       5A w5lsyh6        5B rnl33ft

Grade 6 :

Google Classroom codes:       6A 7mpsakn        6B sfbmhio

Grade 7

Google Classroom codes:       7A lwoagb3        7B hxacugz

Grade 8:

Google Classroom codes:       8A jxwmoas        8B przn6gp


Welcome to the second marking period! Welcome back to our returning students!!

Please remember that all work  MUST  be completed by the due date stated (if given). 

All students will be given a daily classwork grade.


One of the programs we will be using in DT is Pixton. Pixton is an online comic creator program that allows students to be creative.  Please use the links provided below to enter your classroom.


4A           4B

5A              5B

6A :            6B

7A :         7B :

8A :               8B :



Technology offers students an avenue to succeed as citizens in a global society in which information is growing at an incredible rate. Technology can improve communication, enhance thinking skills, make instruction more efficient and effective, and develop life skills critical to success.

St. Thomas the Apostle School incorporates technology as a means of integrating curriculum across subject areas.




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