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Mrs. Dennis-Class 1A

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Daily specials for class 1A:

Monday  : Spanish-Ms. Brown

Tuesday  : Digital Technology-Ms. Delfino

Wednesday:  Art-Mrs. Frank  

Thursday: Gym-Mr. Small (wear sneakers and gym uniform)

Friday: Music-Ms. Brown

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*Please see note from Mrs. Kowit below:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please do not email or text the teachers over the weekend.  They are working really hard and deserve some down time (as do you).  If a child forgets an assignment, book, etc., just send a note in on Monday.


Ms. Kowit




** Due to the high amount of students who have been sick, we woud like to continue to have students bring extra water rather than use the water fountains. Thank you and keep healthy! **

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Reading - Complete Your Turn page 315.
Spelling - Complete and return worksheet. There will be no tests on the words given moving forward.
Tomorrow is an 11AM dismissal for the 8th grade graduation. All students should be in full uniform.

Monday, June 4, 2018
Reading - Complete Your Turn page 303.
Spelling - Complete and return worksheet. There will be no tests on the words given moving forward.
Math - P235, P236.

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First Grade Tic Tac Toe Board .

Homework FAQ

Dear Parents,

Students will begin writing their homework assignments in their Homework Notebooks. If your child cannot complete writing each of the assignments in their book, please refer to our class website to see the homework that will be given. If your child attends After Care, they staff will be given the homework so that your child may complete it. Please check and sign your child’s homework book and folder each night. You should also check the individual assignments completed to ensure that your child is completing the work with a basic understanding of the skill. If you feel that your child is struggling with something, please write a quick note so that I may know to review it with them.

We will begin the skills in our Reading and Math programs the first full week of school. Please be sure to read the directions  carefully  with your child when completing the corresponding homework. Please see below for some frequently asked questions regarding the homework your child will be completing. We will go over this in more detail at Back to School Night on September 20 at 6pm.

Frequently Asked Questions


Students will be given a “Week at a Glance” in their homework book at the beginning of each reading week. Please use this as reference to see the skills that we will be covering that week. It includes spelling and sight words that your child will need to master, as well. This will be posted on our class website if your child misplaces this information.

  • Students will be using the  Your Turn Book  in class and at home.  Please complete only the pages assigned.  There is no need to complete any pages that are not assigned as we complete them in class along with our lessons. We will be incorporating the  Smart Start  pages in the Your Turn book (pages labeled “SS”) throughout the year that correspond to our units; however, we will be beginning our classwork and homework from page 1.
  • Students will be completing work from the leveled readers that we will pull out from the Your Turn book. Please leave these booklets in your child’s folder until they are placed on the “to be LEFT at home” side of your child’s home folder. We will be using these booklets twice throughout the week and may be needed in class throughout the week.
  • Students may bring home readers that we refer to as the  Little Reader (Reading Writing Workshop)  and  Big Reader (Literature Anthology).  Please be mindful that these texts are used each year and should be taken care of when brought home.


  • Students will bring home the Go Math workbook to complete their homework in. We refer to this book as the  Little Math Book.  We will use the  Big Math Book  for classwork and independent practice.


  • At the beginning of each reading week, students will be given a “pretest” for the new words that will be assigned that week. This is not given a grade, however, students will be marked correct or incorrect to show them which words they should be practicing throughout the week. Students will be expected to spell  all  words on the spelling test given at the end of the week (check the homework book and class website for the assigned test date).

REMEMBER Any book your child brings home must be returned to school the following day. This includes folders and pencil cases, too. Also, please remember to cover any workbook or notebook with clear/transparent contact or liner paper as soon as you can. We understand that it may be hard to find at the beginning of the school year, however, please do your best to cover and return the books as soon as you can.

Thank you,
Mrs. Dennis, 1 – A