Grade 2A


                                               WELCOME TO CLASS 2A

                                       Mrs. Muce 

Welcome to 2A! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to educate your child and look forward to spending our school days sharing fun-filled, challenging, and rewarding activities. Exciting academic and spiritual learning opportunities await this year.  I am looking forward to working with you to guide your child in not only reaching, but surpassing his or her potential.   May God Bless and protect you always!   

☎️ Communication is the key for a successful school year. If you need to contact me, please call the main office, send a note in with your child, or email me at  🖥  




 ****Thursday:  Gym (Please wear your gym uniform with black or white sneakers.)****

Click on the  following links for quick access to our digital resources. All usernames and passwords will be issued the first week of school. They will be found attached to your child's homefolder and a copy will be provided for your files. 


  Into Math-

  • Select 'District'
  • State:  New Jersey  
  • District:  Diocese of Metuchen 
  • School:  St. Thomas the Apostle 

  Reading Wonders 2A-




**Parents please sign your child's homework tablet every night and check our class website for additional information. ****

Unit 1- Weeks 1 & 2: High Frequency Words :ball, blue, both, even, for, help, put, there, why, yellow, could, find, funny, green, how, little, one, or, see, sounds. 



Friday, September 18, 2020

1. IXL -  Due Monday, September 21

  • Language Arts -  PP.7 Use regular plurals with -s and -es
  • Math -  E.14 Add doubles - complete the sentence

​2. Religion- Chapter 1 Test Wednesday, September 23

   *Study guide was sent home today.)

    Reread Chapter pages 20-28 , review highlights, and review study   


3. Spelling # 8 : Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Test Monday, September 21.

Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Words: Short a & i  :  has, wag, bad, six, will, sat, fix, him, had, hit, if, can, why, for, help

4. Attend Mass this weekend!   Have a restful weekend! 🙂

Send in Food Pantry Donations- God Bless you! 

Please cover all  Workbooks & Send in your Plastic Storage Bin. 


Monday, September 21

1. IXL -  Due Monday, September 28

Math: K.2 Related subtraction facts

LA: OO.1 Is the sentence a statement, question, command, or exclamation?

2. Religion- Chapter 1 Test Wednesday, September 23

3. Spelling # 1  Unit 1 Week 2 Words

4. Math : Pages 7-8

5. LA :  Vocabulary Worksheet



Tuesday, September 22

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