Grade 2A


Mrs. Sollazzo’s Class 2A

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Hi Parents,

Below please find the process that Ms. Kouzman will be using to administer tests to the second grade in this new virtual remote teaching environment. 
Please note:  You will receive advance notification of all tests in your child's homework as usual.  
RELIGION AND MATH CHAPTER TESTS, LANGUAGE ARTS SELECTION/VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR SKILLS TESTS : The night before the test date, Ms. Kouzman will email you a scanned copy of each test page. You will need to print the test pages and have your child complete it. Then, a picture should be taken of the completed test pages, and emailed back to me (Mrs. Sollazzo) by 8 PM the following night. (For example: If a test is scheduled for a Wednesday, the blank test pages will be emailed to you on Tuesday evening, and pictures of the completed test should be emailed back to me by 8PM on Wednesday evening.)
LANGUAGE ARTS SPELLING TESTS:  Spelling tests will be administered  LIVE  during one of the daily virtual Zoom chat sessions. All video cameras will be turned off and participants muted, so the children can only see/hear Ms. Kouzman administering the test. They will not be able to see any of their classmates. They will have to write the words and sentences down on a clean sheet in their Homework Notebooks along with their normal heading. Upon completion, I ask that you take a picture of the test and email it to me (Mrs. Sollazzo). As usual, Handwriting will also count as a grade.
LANGUAGE ARTS ASSESSMENT TESTS WITH ESSAYS:  For the next two unit weeks, we will not be administering the Assessment/Essay portion of the test. If the school closure extends past the Easter holiday, we will reassess adding them in.
**Please allow your child to answer the test questions on their own, so I can get a true assessment of how they have grasped the material. All tests must be completed on the day assigned and pictures of the completed pages sent to me by that evening by 8PM. Any completed tests not received by 8PM on the day assigned will have points deducted from it.**
As always, thank you for your help.
Mrs. Sollazzo



Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you and your family well. As you have been recently notified by the school administration, St. Thomas the Apostle School will be participating in a virtual learning program beginning Tuesday, March 17 th thru Friday, March 20 th , or until we hear otherwise.


Each evening, I will be sending an email to your child’s St. Thomas Gmail account regarding the next day’s work. This is the same account they use in Digital Technology each week when they log in. The email address ends in If your child is not sure what their Username Email Address is, please let me know and I will send it to you in a separate email. The Password for all accounts was originally set as: angels123

Within this daily email you will find video recordings of Ms. Kouzman explaining the Language Arts, Math, and Religion lessons/concepts for that day. The email will also contain the daily assignment list (worksheets and workbook pages) and homework related to that material for that day. By sending you the lessons prerecorded this way, your child will be able to view these videos at a time that is convenient for both of you in the event they need assistance, as I know many of you may still be going to work.

In addition, your child will have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to that day’s lessons and see/speak with me live each day between 1:00 and 1:30 PM.   She will be using an online group video conferencing program called  Your daily email will contain a URL link and meeting code to each day’s live meeting. (Please note: The first time you log into the live meeting via the URL, you will receive a pop-up box stating you need to download a plug in.) If your child does not have Internet access at that time, there will also be a call-in number they can use.

She will also post the classwork and homework assignments on my St. Thomas teacher page each day. The only thing you will not find on that page are the video links. For privacy purposes, those will only be sent in your child’s daily email.

As standard written tests will not be administered until we return to a normal classroom setting and she will not be able to check on work completion until we are back in school, I will be assigning IXL skills throughout the week which will be due the following day. In lieu of the weekly IXL assignments, I will be including an IXL skill just about nightly so I can confirm that each student has logged in, seen the assignments and completed something by the next day.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your child’s St. Thomas email address which ends in (Email me if you they do not know it.)
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter your child’s Password: angels123 was the standard log in. If it does not work, they you will need to click forgot password to reset it.



  • Please check your child’s St. Thomas Gmail account each morning for the day’s virtual video lessons, classwork assignments, and meeting URL, code log in, and/or phone number for the daily Q&A chat which will begin at 1:00 p.m. each day.


  • View my St. Thomas website teacher page for a summarized list of daily class assignments and nightly homework as well.


  • Complete all daily classwork, homework and IXL assignments in a timely manner and have your child call/log into the daily live Q&A to review the day’s classwork and discuss anything they might have found difficult if needed.


Thank you for your patience as we work to implement this virtual learning program. I know there will be bumps in the road, but together I know we will keep the children on track and moving forward in their 2 nd grade studies. Please reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns.

Welcome to second grade.  This year  is very exciting!    Besides learning the three R’s, the students will also be making the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

 You can reach me anytime by email, by writing a note in your child’s homework notebook, or if an emergency arises by phone.
We’re looking forward to having a great school year!


Monday – Digital Technology

Tuesday -

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Spanish, Gym

Friday – Music     



March 23 , 2020

Reading Read " A Musical Museum" p. 298-299.

Phonics-   Pages 167-169

Math Chapter 9 Review Packet  .Test on Wednesday 3/25.

March 24 , 2020

Reading  -   Skills Test Unit 3 Week 4 (  send your answers to Mrs. Sollazzo's email -due Today at 8:00 p.m)

Math  -  Chapter 9 Review Packet  ( we will go over the answesr in the live chat time) .Test on Wednesday 3/25.

Religion-   Pages 176-180. Test on Friday 3/27.

March 25 , 2020

Spelling  -  Test during the live chat .

Math  -   Chapter 9 Test. (scan a copy of completed test back to Mrs. Sollazzo by 8:00 p.m.)

March 26 , 2020

** 2A will have Spanish today with Senor Tobin at 8:30 am via Zoom live chat. Please see email from Senor Tobin with meeting URL.**

Reading  -  Selection Quiz and Skills Test  (scan a copy of completed test back to Mrs. Sollazzo by 8:00 p.m.)

Math  -  Pages 466-472

Religion-   Review Chapter 15.

March 27 , 2020

Spelling Please copy the speeling words in your spelling note book (find the spelling words in the link below)

               - Review High frequency words and vocabulary words ( find the high ferquency words and vocabuary words in the link below).

Reading- Read " New Places" p. 258-259.

Math  -  Pages 473-476 (Big math book)

           - Pages 225-226 (Thin math book)

Religion- Chapter 15 Test. Complete and scan back  to Mrs. Sollazzo by 8:00 pm. 



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Marach 23, 2020

Spelling   - Do #25- from the list .Test on Wednesday 3/25.

Reading-  Reread " Many Ways  to Enjoy Music"  pages 294-297. Answer questions 1-4  page 297 on your homework notebook. Skills Test Tomorrow.

Math - Review chapter 9.  Test on Wednesday. 

Religion-  Review chapter 15. Test on Friday.

IXL is Due Tuesday 3/24  , it will count as test grade.

IXL -  L.A. - H.6- Spell the long u word.

                  Z1 - Use conjunctions (and,or,but)

                 DD.3 Combine sentences subject and predicate.

                 VV.5- Identify compartive and superlative adjectives.


Marach 24, 2020

Spelling   -  Review the words.Test  tomorrow . (during the live chat  ).

Reading- - Reread " Many Ways  to Enjoy Music" , review vocabulary words. Selection Quiz on Thursday.

                -Review Comparative endings, antonyms, combining sentences , commas before and, but, or, so. Skills Test on Thursday.  Review  Your Turn Book Page 142, Phonics Book Page 167-169, and English Book page 95-96.

Math  - Review chapter 9.  Test tomorrow.

Religion-  Review chapter 15 and the study guide . Test on Friday.


Marach 25, 2020

Reading- - Reread " Many Ways  to Enjoy Music" , review vocabulary words. Selection Quiz tomorrow.

                -Review Comparative endings, antonyms, combining sentences , commas before and, but, or, so. Skills Test tomorrow.   Review  Your Turn Book Page 142, Phonics Book Page 167-169, and English Book page 95-96.

Religion-  Review chapter 15 and the study guide . Test on Friday.


Marach 26, 2020

Math-  Pages 223-224

Religion-  Review chapter 15 and the study guide . Test tomorrow.


Marach 27, 2020

Enjoy your weekend!