Grade 2B








Welcome to 2B! We are so happy that you are part of our class. We are looking forward to  a wonderful year of learning and having fun! We will grow and learn together as we strive and reach for the stars!!

If you wish to reach me, please feel free to write me a note, call the office, or email me at .    





                                                          IXL Weekly Asignment

                                              Due on: Monday, December 17th

               Math:     Addition 2 digit- G.11 - Write the addition sentencesup to two digits. 

              Language Arts :  Nouns-  PP.8 - Use singular and plural nouns.                                                                   




                                        December 14, 2018

  • Reading:     review the new vocabulary and high frequency words. The weekly assessment will be on Monday. Study the prefixes -ful and -ly. Refer to page 69 in the your turn book for examples of prefixes and their meanings.
  • Math:   test on chapter 4 on Tuesday.   Study pages P103 and P 104 as well as the review packet.
  • Religion: test on chapter 12 on Monday. Study the chapter and the study guide. Practice writing the essay.
  • Correct your tests and return the tests and the signed test folder on Monday.
  • Please remember to attend Mass this weekend. It is the third week of advent. Have a wonderful weekend!!
  • Monday is a free dress down day!







  • ​Please check and sign your child's homework book every day.
  • Please make sure you have 3 sharpened pencils every day. Check periodically for missing supplies.  
  • All morning snacks must be healthy and nutritious. No cake, chips, cookies. or candy of any kind. All Remember all morning snacks must be nutritional. No nut products of any kind
  •   Please be reminded that for birthdays and class parties, no food or goody bags may be sent in. This is in an effort to protect our students with allergies. Thank you for your continued support.







Many adults have difficulty with understanding and navigating through the new common core math series. If you log onto the Go   Math website, you will have access to the math text book which will provide you with examples of the concepts being taught. This will also be an excellent reinforcement for your child.

Reading and Literacy

When you are reading with your child, “chunk” the story into a few short paragraphs at a time and ask questions regarding comprehension, details, and character analysis. This will enable them to read longer passages and their ability to comprehend will continue to improve. Encourage them to sound out words phonetically when they come to a word they are not familiar with.

Log onto the Wonders website often and read the stories with them, have them play the games, and take advantage of all the wonderful resources the program has to offer.

Together we can create students who are fluid readers as they develop a true love and passion for the art of reading!!