Grade 3B


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Important information for parents and students:

This morning I sent an email to all families with your child's St. Thomas email address and password.  This information will be used to access Google Classroom. Please check your email (including spam/junk mail) to see if you received this information successfully. If you did not receive the email, please email me at aruocco@stttaob as soon as possible.


Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, please check Google Classroom each morning. 

  • Log into Google using your school gmail account (@sttaob account)

  • Click on Google apps (9 dots next to your Google avatar)

  • Select Classroom

  • Click on the + to join a class

  • Below are the codes to join classes: (The codes will be posted later today).

Language Arts:  g7pcg7t

Math: 4l57tqi   (it is a lower case L after the 4 not a 1)

Religion:  7xvpku4

Social Studies:    avybmnq

Please check the teacher webpage for Mr. Tobin, Ms. Frank, Mr. Small, and Ms. Delfino for their Google Classroom codes.

General Notes:   You can use Google Drive (MUST be in your @sttaob account) to take a picture of completed assignments and upload to your Google docs.

1. Download Google Drive App: 

    Click on + located at bottom right of screen

    Click on Use Camera to take a photo of completed work

    Click Use Photo (it will upload to Google drive)


You can scan completed work to your @sttaob account using Adobe Scan App too


2. Go to assignment in Google Classroom


3. Click on + Add or create in the 'Your work' box on the assignment



3. Click Google Drive or File to attach the completed work

4. Click on image

5. Click on Add

6. Click on Turn in


The website for our Go Math book is:   

If you haven’t logged onto the Go Math website yet, choose:

State: New Jersey

District: Diocese of Metuchen

School: St Thomas the Apostle

You might want to click the box that says “Remember my school” so you don’t have to enter this information each time you login.

Students have their login information taped inside their HW pad.



The website for Reading Wonders is:

Students have their login information taped inside their HW pad.



The website for Finding God is:



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Thursday, 3/12

LA:  Reading WS due Monday

Math:  Chapter 7 test tomorrow; division drill Monday

SS:  Chapter 1 lesson 2 test tomorrow

IXL due Monday