Grade 5 Homework

Ms. Brown Homework

5th grade will be going to the Liberty Science Center on Monday, June 4th. Please return the field trip request form and fee by MAY 4th. Thank you!!

Mrs. Jancola Homework

Field Day Monday: 5A wear blue shirts; 5B wear red shirts

Mrs. Conaghan Homework

Please return the signed form of the expectations of middle school that was sent home today/ Please keep a copy.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Thank you for all your effort this year. You have learned many new concepts: algebraic problem- solving geometry, PEMDAS, fraction and decimal operations. These fundamentals will follow you in you math FOREVER. Keep up the good work. Have fun and be safe this summer. God bless

The summer assignments were distributed in class and will be available on -line next week. Please attach numbered scrap paper to handout.































































Mrs. Kulesa Homework

5B Earth's structure Text pages 32-43 due next Thursday 5/11.  These pages must be completed in order to do next Thursday's lab

Both classes must bring their own tape, glue stick and crayons and scissors to each class.  If you do not have these items, they need to be purchased before out next class.



Mrs. Muse Homework

Quarter 4 IXL: Please reach a Smart Score of 95% or higher. 



Mrs. Pasqua Homework

Music & Art Homework


Technology Homework

Spanish Homework