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Grade 5A

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Welcome to Mrs. Conway's Map!


My name is Mrs. Conway and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you and your students during the school year! This is our "map" for our journey through 5th grade Science and Social Studies, 6th Grade Social Studies and 6th Grade Religion.


Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies

The subjects will be taught monthly throughout in the year, in order to investigate material deeply.  

Social Studies - September, November, January/February, April and June

Science - October/November, December/January, March and May


5A Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym 

Tuesday - Spanish

Wednesday - Geography with Mrs. Pasqua

Thursday - Digital Technology

Friday - Digital Technology





October 16, 2018 


5th Grade Science

Wednesday October 17 - Living with the Elements Activity

Thursday October 18 - My Name in Elements (Due Monday)


6A and 6B Social Studies :

Wednesday October 18 - Read Chapter 3 Section 3 - Answer questions on page 131 in Social Studies Notebook


6A AND 6B Religion : Review Religion Unit 2 Outline

Next Unit Test - November 7, 2018