Grade 5A
Ancient Greece Research Project
Ancient China Review (pdf)
Presidential Plate Project (pdf)
Pearson Realize
Biography of a Saint Criteria (pdf)
Grade 6 Religion Outlines
5A Home
5th Grade Homework
Grade 5A

Wednesday April 17, 2019:  12:00 pm dismissal - No After Care

Stations of the Cross Prayer Service


Lent:  Students may bring a small snack with them to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during Lent.

On these days lunch in Block 5 will be switched with Block 6.


Welcome to Mrs. Conway's Map


My name is Mrs. Conway and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you and your students during the school year! This is our "map" for our journey through 5th grade Science and Social Studies, 6th Grade Social Studies and 6th Grade Religion.


Fifth Grade Too Good for Drugs Program

The Too Good for Drugs program will begin for fifth grade on Tuesday January 15.  The classes will take place during Science/Social Studies class.  The class will be led by Officer Pat.


Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies

The subjects will be taught monthly throughout in the year, in order to investigate material deeply.  


5A Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym 

Tuesday - Spanish

Wednesday - Geography with Mrs. Pasqua

Thursday - Digital Technology

Friday - Digital Technology




5A and 5B Science:

5A - RWW pages 240 - 241:  Review Force and Motion

With the changes in schedules that we have faced in the last 2 weeks, the due date for student projects has been moved to MAY 6.


5A and 5B Social Studies:



6A and 6B Religion:

6A - Books of the Bible Quiz on Tuesday April 30



6A Social Studies: Ancient Greece Research Project Important Dates


FINAL PAPER - Tentative due date - Friday May 3


6B Social Studies: Ancient Greece Research Projects Important Dates

All Final Copies of Ancient Greek paper are due Wednesday April 17.  Remember to include your cover page and bibliography.