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Grade 5A


Welcome to Mrs. Conway's Map


My name is Mrs. Conway and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you and your students during the school year! This is our "map" for our journey through 5th grade Science and Social Studies, 6th Grade Social Studies and 6th Grade Religion.


Fifth Grade Too Good for Drugs Program

The Too Good for Drugs program will begin for fifth grade on Tuesday January 15.  The classes will take place during Science/Social Studies class.  The class will be led by Officer Pat.


Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies

The subjects will be taught monthly throughout in the year, in order to investigate material deeply.  

***Our Weather/Atmosphere Unit in Science will end on Friday February 8.  Social Studies will officially begin with the Presidential Plate Project - due on Monday February 11.***


5A Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym 

Tuesday - Spanish

Wednesday - Geography with Mrs. Pasqua

Thursday - Digital Technology

Friday - Digital Technology




5A and  5B Science:

Meteorologist Team Presentations  will be done in class tomorrow, Friday, February 8, 2019.  This will conclude our unit on Atmosphere and Weather.


5A and 5B Social Studies:  

The month of February, while short, is FULL of history.  We will be completing TWO long-term projects this month.

The first will be the Presidential Plate Project.  This research project is geared to help us learn more about the presidents of the past.

***There is a TYPO on the Presidential Plate Assignment.  The Plates are due Monday February 11, 2019.**********


6A and 6B Religion:

6A - Complete outline through IV.A.3 - Importance of Water

6B -  Complete outline through IV.D.2. - Changed Lives Change Lives

The Unit 4 Test will be on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 26.



6A Social Studies:

Wednesday: Read Chapter 9 Section 1 pages 274-277

Answer questions 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7

Friday: Complete Ancient China Section Quiz Packet.  Packet due on Wednesday February 13.



6B Social Studies:

Complete Ancient China Section Quiz Packet.  Packet is due on Tuesday February 12.