Grade 6 Homework

Ms. Newton Homework

6th Homework:







Spelling/Vocabulary Homework Assignments Days 1 through 4


Day 1: Rainbow Writing

Write your spelling words in fun colors!

Day 2: Picture Practice

Draw a picture and insert each spelling word inside your drawing (do not use more than one page of notebook paper).

Day 3: Vowel Detective

Write your spelling words. Then using a colored pencil, colored pen, or highlighter, circle each vowel in the words.

Day 4: Pyramid Spelling

Choose ten spelling words to write in a pyramid (see example below).  Write the remaining list on the page once completed with the ten pyramid words (no credit is given if you only have the ten pyramid words but did not write the remaining list out somewhere on the page). 






You will be assessed on the lesson spelling list on DAY 5



*For Vocabulary Activities requiring definitions, YOU MUST write the COMPLETE definition or your homework will receive 0 points credit.

Day 1: Define and Draw

Write each vocabulary word and definition. Below or beside word/definition, draw a SMALL picture that comes to mind when you think of the word.

Day 2: Balloon Synonyms and Antonyms




Draw one large balloon and two smaller balloons-one on either side of the large balloon.  In the large balloon in the center, write your vocabulary word. In the small balloon on the left, write a synonym for your vocabulary word.  In the small balloon on the right, write an antonym for your vocabulary word. If the vocabulary word does NOT have an antonym, you may write another synonym. Use a thesaurus to help you. Do not use more than one notebook page to complete so do not make your balloons too large!

Day 3: Vocabulary Sentences

Write a sentence for each vocabulary word. Use a highlighter, colored pencil, or colored pen to highlight/underline the vocabulary word in the sentence.

Day 4: Vocabulary Pre-Test Flashcards

Review your vocabulary words by creating flashcards using index cards or cutting index card strips of paper.  Label the front side with the vocabulary word and the reverse side with the COMPLETE definition.


McGraw Hill Online Access: 6th Grade    
User Name:  Stthomastheapostle  
Password:  Stthomas1  


Typical Language Arts Cycle:

Day 1 typically includes introduction of the phonics skill/spelling list with practice.  It also introduces the story vocabulary.  The Week-At-A-Glance is sent home which highlights the above skills included in the unit and reading week/lesson.  The Week-At-A-Glance can be accessed online as well. Homework is a spelling and vocabulary activity.

Grade 5:

Grade 6:

Days 2 and 3 typically involves the introduction of the main selection story, reading genre, comprehension skill and strategy.  Vocabulary is reviewed throughout the story as well as comprehension with activities that assist the student with demonstrating mastery of material.  This utilizes the Wonders Literature Anthology textbook which builds reading stamina with engaging anchor texts. Homework is a spelling and vocabulary activity.

*Remember - Students MUST always write homework in their planner ALL days there is homework assigned. This is not optional as students are reminded the website may not be updated, especially in the case of my absence with a substitute teaching in my place.


  1. Log on to:

2.  For 5A, use the username: Stthomastheapostle5A

     For 6A/6B, use the username: Stthomastheapostle

3.  Enter in the password: Stthomas1 

     (the first “S” must be capitalized – password is case sensitive). 

     *This is the SAME password for all of 5A, 6A, and 6B

4. Click on “Reading Wonders” and your child can access the textbook online

Day 4 typically involves a quick review before Day 5 assessments (spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension).  Day 4 also introduces a grammar skill and grammar instruction as the main focus. Homework is a spelling and vocabulary activity.

Day 5 typically involves assessing students on the spelling list.  Students are also assessed on the comprehension/vocabulary of the main selection story (Selection Assessment). Usually no homework on Day 5.

Days 6-8 Typically consist of Writing mini-lessons/Writer's Workshop and Grammar exercises, Writer’s Workshop, and additional reading activities whether differentiated small group instruction with small readers, Scholastic readers, or mini lessons embedded in the Wonders “week/lesson” are utilized for additional strengthening and reinforcing of skills. Homework is often a writing activity or grammar worksheet/workbook assignment (unless it is a Friday – usually no homework on Fridays).

Days 7-9 Typically consist of a “Weekly Assessment” which incorporates the assessment of comprehension utilizing two “cold” read passages (text not read prior to assessment) with associated comprehension questions to assess the ability of the student to transfer the skill knowledge from the selection story to material not read previously.  Every few assessments also include one essay where students must demonstrate understanding by writing a response essay utilizing the RACES writing strategy (R-Restate the Question, A-Answer the Question, C-Cite Evidence, E-Explain/Expand on evidence and thought, S-Sum it all up). Homework is often a writing activity or grammar worksheet/workbook assignment (unless it is a Friday – usually no homework on Fridays).



Mrs. Conaghan Homework


Incoming 6th graders:

I hope you have a relaxing summer break. 

God bless- be safe , be kind, and always remember the blessing of  faith , family and hard work. 

Summer packets were distributed  and are also  available on-line on our website. 


























































































































































































Mrs. Kulesa Homework

5/22 6B Finish the Organ System booklet.  It will be collected Tuesday morning.

5/14 6A Do Exploration 3 Pages 56-58. Draw out the chart on page 56. Due next class.


5/13 6B Go on google classroom to create a 6 sentence paragraph on the tissues of a tree trunk.  Due Wednesday 5/15.  6B google classroom code rl5c6w.  

5/13 6A Finish the Organ system worksheets. Due Tomorrow

5/9 6B Do Module B Unit 2 Lesson 1 Exploration 2 pages 53-55.  Due Tuesday


5/8 6B Finish the Ameoba sisters worksheet.  Due Friday

5/6 6A If you did not do the following assignment, have it in by tomorrow.  Module B Unit 2 Lesson 1 Exploration 1


Mrs. Hoos Homework


Mrs. Tannucilli Homework


Mrs. Pasqua

Spanish Homework


Technology Homework