Grade 6 Homework

Ms. Newton Homework

UPDATE: Boys and girls from 6B, we all just lost connection to Google Classroom. Ms. Delfino's class also crashed. It should be resolved soon. It is an issue with Google classroom, not your wifi networks. time now 11:42 am 3/26

6th Grade Language Arts

Remote Learning

I am back:). If you read this before your class today (Wednesday), I have a new laptop screen and it us up and running:).

You will begin as we did last week - START HERE SLIDES PRESENTATION in Google Classroom - to access the current week's lessons and LIVE daily chat.  You can work at your pace or you can follow the schedule as broken down by each day - your choice - but be mindful not to wait until SATURDAY night to complete all assignments:). 

YOU WILL NEED TO CHECK IN ON CHAT FOR YOUR CLASS WITH ME EVERY SCHEDULED CLASS DURING THE WEEK unless stated.Zoom is still not accessible on my laptop so Google Chats are our daily lessons.  

No Selection test this week (so no vocabulary or comprehension test). 


McGraw Hill Online Access for REMOTE LEARNING


User Name: Stthomastheapostle

Password: Stthomas1

Google Classroom Code: 01zqbo5


Mrs. Conaghan Homework

Riddle of the week: What is covered in dirt but is always clean?

PLEASE  READ HOLT MC DOUGAL  TEST TAKING PROCESS, IT IS A MUST READ!!! Refer to my webpage and your google classroom page and click the link.



Friday, March 27, 2020::::::::::TGIF    TGIF        TGIF       TGIF     GREAT JOB 6A/6B

6A and 6B; Please complete workbook page 50 #"s 1-4 AND page 392-Do all

6A and 6B; IXL DUE 4/3: M7, M9, EE1, EE2, Y16

Quiz 3/31:   9.4-9.6:    3D shapes, volume and surface area(tentative)

Chapter 9 test 4/2


Thursday, March 26, 2020

6A and 6b; Please complete page 390 #"s 1-9. Record all your work.

6A and 6B; IXL DUE 3/27: M2, M3 M4, M5, M6

Quiz 9.4-9.7-   3/31 Three -d shapes, volume and  surface area.

Chapter 9 test 4/2


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Riddle of the week: What is covered in dirt but is always clean?

6a and 6B:Please complete page 49 in workbook AND VOLUME OF A RECTANGULAR PRISM Handout- show work.

6A and 6B; IXL DUE 3/27: M2, M3 M4, M5, M6


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

6A and 6B; Please complete page 384 #"s 1-12, caveat 11 and 12 are challenging write the formulas do you best. Upper case "B' = the area of the base of the shape

6A and 6B; IXL DUE 3/27:  M2, M3, M4, M5, M6


 A small handful of students have not completed yesteday's assssments . I was direted by Holt McDougal to use a backdoor function to alter multiple passwords. I will open the assessments to those students today @ 4 they will have until  9 PM  to complete the 2 quizzes, warning you only have a 60 minute time allottment for the quizzes, so no going out and starting again. Again, one quiz is five questions the other 1-10 only. I can only ssue grades when all are completed.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Deep breaths, strong prayers, good thoughts!

I am assigning two quizzes reviewing Lesson 9.1-9.3 via the Holt Mcdougal access you use for your textbook 3/23. It will be available at you class time 8-3. If you need your code email me it should be in your math notebook. Please contact me as I can over -ride the time constraint if need be. I jumbled the answers so every quiz is in a different order. I will give classwork credit for the last quiz. Going forward I will be using the textbook access. So no zoom tomorrow take the quiz, the hw is the two handouts and workbook page 46 are available in google classroom. Again, thanks for your patience and patience. Rememeber to say a prayer before the quiz as we always do. Zoom will be available on Tuesday at 20 after after you watch my video on google classroom

6A and 6B; IXL DUE 3/27: M2, M3 M4, M5, M6
































































































































































































Mrs. Kulesa Homework

-2/27 6A Finish the Lesson Review Pages 59-61.  Due next class.  Module J Unit 1 Lesson 3 Test on Friday March 13th.  

6B  Module J Unit 1 Lesson 3 Test on Friday March 13th.  


Mrs. Conway Homework

6th Grade Social Studies Homework


Ancient China
Ancient China Dynasty Test
6B on February 27
6A on February 28
6B - Chapter 9 Section 2 page 281
Question #s 2-6 (#6 is a Venn Diagram)
6A - Chapter 9 Section 2 page 276
Question #s 3, 4, 5, and 7


Ms. Piccolomini Homework

Attention 6th Grade! Our class is now on google classroom! Join our class using the code: (6A) mv3fv65 & 5m33qbe (6B)




Mrs. Ramirez

Mrs. Ramirez 6th Grade Homework


Technology Homework

Tech 6th Grade Homework