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Mrs. Skrodzki's

 6A Homeroom

(formerly Ms. Newton)

ALL VIRTUAL/REMOTE LEARNERS in the 6A HOMEROOM will need to sign into 6A Mrs. Skrodzki's Zoom. *THIS IS ONLY IN EFFECT FOR WHEN THE WHOLE MIDDLE SCHOOL IS REMOTE.  If it is just individual students who are remote but the school is OPEN, those students will receive a private Zoom link via email. 

*To log into the 6A Classroom ZOOM, please log into 6A GOOGLE CLASSROOM for the direct link.  You will log in by 7:50 AM to be ready for your virtual school day and to be marked in for attendance!

Welcome Back 6th ALL Grade Students -


Click here for the Remote Learner Guidelines 

Click here for Mrs. Skrodzki's Back To School Packet  


Google Class Codes:

Grade 5: Supplemental Skills: Mapping & Geography - qik6uu5

Grade 6: World History - 4cmr4hn

Grade 7: U.S. History I - rfcqeum

Grade 8: U.S. History II - tvup5zm

Click here for 5th Grade Supplemental Map & Geography Skills Syllabus 

Grade 5 Syllabus

Click here for 6th Grade World History Syllabus 

Grade 6 Syllabus

Click here for 7th Grade U.S. History I Syllabus 

Grade 7 Syllabus

Click here for 8th Grade U.S. History II Syllabus 

Grade 8 Syllabus

Click here for the Grade 6 online NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC GEOGRAPHY Textbook/Workbook

Click here for the Grade 6 Online WORLD GEOGRAPHY Textbook/Workbook

Click here for Grades 7 and 8 Glenco Geography for Life Textbook/Workbook