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Secret Santa for 6A Homeroom


Dear Parents,

At the request of my sixth grade homeroom sweeties, they would like to have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. We have decided on a minimum of $5.00 for the gift but not to exceed $10.00.  The gift is to be a brand new item and wrapped (or gift bagged) and I will assign the students to place a number on the gift. Below, you will see your child’s name, the gender of the child they are buying the gift for and the number to be placed somewhere easily identifiable on the gift wrap/bag. 

Due date for the gift to be received is Monday, December 16th.  If your child has not brought in a gift by this date, they will not be able to participate.  If for some reason you would not like your child to participate, please email me so I may purchase a gift for the child they were assigned.  Your child does NOT know who they were assigned. They will only be made aware of the gender. Any questions, let me know! Thank you in advance for your participation in this blessed event!


A Happy Homeroom:

Students must be unpacked and seated before prayers by 7:50AM. Students must have their belongings placed in lockers or cubbies or neatly placed next to the cubbies.  Items left randomly on the floor will be discarded if loose papers or brought to lost and found.  This keeps the homeroom times safe and orderly.  Students are free to talk quietly in their seats to friends, do homework, draw/color, make up missing assessments, or read a book from my library:).