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Mrs. Skrodzki's

 6A Homeroom

(formerly Ms. Newton)

ALL VIRTUAL/REMOTE LEARNERS in the 6A HOMEROOM will need to sign into 6A Mrs. Skrodzki's Zoom.

*To log into the 6A Classroom ZOOM, please log into 6A GOOGLE CLASSROOM for the direct link.  You will log in by 7:50 AM to be ready for your virtual school day and to be marked in for attendance!

Welcome Back 6th ALL Grade Students -


Click here for the Remote Learner Guidelines 

Click here for Mrs. Skrodzki's Back To School Packet  


Google Class Codes:

Grade 5: Supplemental Skills: Mapping & Geography - qik6uu5

Grade 6: World History - 4cmr4hn

Grade 7: U.S. History I - rfcqeum

Grade 8: U.S. History II - tvup5zm

Click here for 5th Grade Supplemental Map & Geography Skills Syllabus 

Grade 5 Syllabus

Click here for 6th Grade World History Syllabus 

Grade 6 Syllabus

Click here for 7th Grade U.S. History I Syllabus 

Grade 7 Syllabus

Click here for 8th Grade U.S. History II Syllabus 

Grade 8 Syllabus

Grades 7 and 8 Gencloe Geography Skills for Life Workbook - PDF

(Grade 7 is the first half and Grade 8 is the second half - we will however skip around to the most critical components)

Grades 7 - 8 Glencoe Geography Skills for Life Workbook PDF 


Grades 7 & 8 U.S. History Textbook:

All Pearson Passcodes are:  Angels123

Link for the Pearson Savvas U. S. History Textbook is:    

Grade 6 MI Open Book Project: World Geography Online Textbook - PDF