Ms. Newton's 6A Homeroom


During Remote Learning, 6A students will need to report to Ms. Newton's NEW Google Classroom Class titled "6A ATTENDANCE"   and sign in under "Today's Attendance" for each day by 8:30 AM (please make sure it is under the correct date).  



Code:   pamrozq


 Please see the NEW Zoom Schedule below (as of April 24, 2020)

Outside of this Zoom schedule, you will again be required to meet me on the days we do not have Zoom on Google Classroom but have a scheduled LA class.  We are back to following our old "in school" block schedule.  

On those days that I do not have you for Zoom, look for the Stream post with the current day's date labeled:

"Check-In and Questions for (today's date)"

and post "hi" (and answer any question that I list there if one is listed).  You will also use this same location to ask me questions during school hours. 

*Please do NOT start any new stream posts.  It clutters the page and confuses students.

**You will only comment on the Stream Post that I create daily.

After 2PM, all questions need to be emailed:).

For LA, please see your LA Homework Page for more information on how to reach me outside of our Zoom Classes. 

The LA homework page has full directions posted:).


Ta Da...Your new Zoom Schedule: