Grade 7 Homework

Mrs. Kulesa Homework


5/22 7B Under assignments use the Energy Unit Opener to do pages 8-11 and create chart for Forms of Energy One Column has the name and definition and the other has an example.  Due tomorrow.

5/21 7A Cell Parts Function and diagrams test tomorrow.

5/15 7B Bring any additional information that you would like to add to the graffitti wall for class tomorrow.

5/14 7A and 7B: ON google classroom a Five Paragraph assignment has been given. A file with the instructions is attached and use google docs not Word to write the essay.  Due Friday May 31, 2019


5/13 7A Finish the plant and animal cell accordian booklets.  All diagrams and booklets must be

into your notebook.  Due Wednesday.  Test on Bacteria, plant and animal cell part functions and diagrams Monday May 20.

Be able to 

  • Label the baccteria, animal and plant cell diagrams
  • Define and give the function of the bacteria, plant and animal cell parts
  • Describe the differences among bacteria, animal and plant cells

5/9 7B Study the plant, animal and BACTERIA  parts names and functions.  Test on Tuesday 5/14

5/8 7B Color the part in each box and fill in its function.  Due tomorrow.  Test on diagrams and functions of the parts of the cell.

5/7 Cell Gizmo is due tomorrow

5/1 7B Due Tuesday May 7th: In your notebook create a chart with the following headings and then fill it in Use the pdf pages 21- 23 to describe the function of each organelle and indicate whether the organelle is in a plant, animal or both cells

Organelles to include: nucleus, cell membrane, cytoplasm, ribosome, rough endoplasmic reticulum, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, vacuole, mitochondria, choloroplast, nucleolus, golgi body, cell wall, chromatin

Test next Thursday on filling in the diagrams of the bacteria, animal and plant cell and on describing the functions of the parts of the cell.


4/29 7A Use the Unit Opener Cells in the Assignments Tab to do the following assignment. Read and do page 19 #1 and 2 Use 2-3 sentences.  Do pages 20-24: Write out the sentence and answers for fillins and multiple choice.  Draw the chart and fill it in for page 24 # 7 Due Wednesday

7A Due to the amount of absences today, the Module B Unit 1 Lesson 1 Test will be given the first day back after break Monday 4/29.  There will be no exceptions since all students were to be prepared for today's test.


4/11 7B Do the Can You Esplain It page 19 . Use 2-3 sentences per question.  Do Exploration 1 pages 20-24 .  Do Numbers 1-7.  Write out the full question and answers for the multiple choice and fill ins.  Use 3-4 sentences for numbers 3, 4 and 7.Draw the Chart on page 24 and fill it in. Due Tuesday 4/16

4/9 7A Lab Sheet with answers to questions due tomorrow.  Use 4-5 sentences per question.

7th Grade Module B Unit 1 Lesson 1 Study Guide 7B Test Thursday and 7A Test Friday


Module B Unit 1 Lesson 1 Study Guide

Study your text, notes, diagrams.

  1.  Know the definitions of the bold print words in the text.
  2. Be able to state the characteristics of unicellular and multicellular organisms and be able to compare and contrast the two types of organisms.
  3. Be able to state the characteristics of cells and their basic function in an organism.
  4. Be able to state and explain the Cell Theory
  5. Know the contributions of the following scientists to the Cell theory
    1. Robert Hooke
    2. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
    3. Matthias Schleiden
    4. Theodor Schlwann
    5. Rudolf Virchow
  6. Be able to label and microscope diagram and tell the function/describe its parts.
  7. Be able to compare and contrast a compound light microscope with an electron microscopet


Mrs. Pasqua Homework



Mrs. Tannucilli Homework



7ACC:  Saint project due on Thursday, May 2.  Details on Google Classroom.  If you have not already done so, please join our class on Google Classroom.  Class codes are below. 

7R:  Saint project due on Thursday, May 2.  Details on Google Classroom.  If you have not already done so, please join our class on Google Classroom.  Class codes are below. 



Google classroom codes:
7R:  2fjx29w

Mrs. Gioacchini Homework

Students Entering 7th Grade Summer Math Work


2 Parts -

1.  IXL Summer Assignment - Complete each IXL topic on the SEVENTH GRADE MATH LEVEL to a smart score of 100% to receive credit.  The IXL assignment is worth 50 points and is due on Friday, September 6, 2019 at 7AM.  A zero will be issued if the assignment is not completed by the due date.   Please plan accordingly, as you have the entire summer to work on this assignment. 

2.  Are You Ready? Worksheet - Complete the following 50 questions which will be worth 50 points. The assignment will be collected on Friday, September 6, 2019.  A zero will be issued if the assignment is not completed by the due date.  All work must be written out neatly and shown on loose leaf paper or no credit will be given for that math question.  All answers should be written on the answer sheet and please use the graphs provided to answer questions 47 and 48.  Staple all the paper work together (Answer sheet, Are you Ready worksheet, and the loose leaf paper with all math work) with the answer sheet on top.

Technology Homework

Spanish Homework