Grade 7 Homework

Mrs. Gioacchini Homework


Summer Math Practice for Students Entering 7th Grade

Mrs. Hoos Homework

7A/ 7B

7A Grammar - p. 303-305(1-24); p. 307-308(1-16)

7B Grammar - p. 321, 322, 323, 324

Vocabulary - 



GOOGLE CLASSROOM-Essay - "You, The Author" due 3/16



If it happens that we are contained at home for these next weeks, please note that I will be using Google Classroom and other technology for our classes. I will be communicating with you first through Google Classroom. 







Mrs. Kulesa

3/10 7B Finis

3/10 7A and 7B Finish the Narrative /Assessment Packet that you were working on in class. 7A  Do text pages 15- 18 Numbers 16-20.  Due next class

3/3 7B Finish the Wind Currents Snaps Pre Lab Assignm ent.  Due Thursday 3/5

3/2 7A Anyone who did not do pages 6-14 they are due tomorrw.  Finish answering the Wind Currents Snaps Pre Lab Assignemnt.Due tomorrow

2/28 7A Do Module E Unit 1 Lesson 1 Pages 6-14 Numbers 2-14 skip #7,9 and 10. Due Monday.  If you did not finish the Coastal Winds and Clouds Gizmo it is also due on Monday 

2/27 7B Finish the Coastal Winds and Clouds Gizmo. Finish Exploration 3 Pages 15-18 and numbers 16-21. Due next class

2/18 - Bring in an empty/rinsed out a or  2 liter soda bottle with cap by Friday

1/22/2020 7A and 7B Bacteria, Plant and Animal Cell Parts Functions/Identification Test.  7A Friday January31,7B Thursday January 30th. See Study Guide Below

Know the names and functions of the parts of the bacteria cell

Know the names and functions of the parts of the plant and animal cells

Be able to label a diagram of a bacteria, plant and animal cell.

Study your notes and text book pages


1/14/2020 7A and 7B Pages 19-28 (skip p26-27) Due Tuesday 1/21.  3 Paragraph Essay due Wednesday 1/22

1/13/2020 7A and 7B Finish writing the cell parts functions.  Use pages 21-23 of the Cell Functions pdf. Due next class.



Ms. Newton Homework

Social Studies Grade 7


In an effort to address more feedback received, we have again altered our online instruction format. 

For Ms. Newton's Classes:

Google Slides: Free Online Presentations for Personal Use


-You will continue to have ALL assignments and lessons located in ONE WEEKLY SLIDE PRESENTATION ("Start Here Slides").  This will be posted before 8AM every Monday.  

-You will continue to have until that Friday by midnight to submit your assignments.  This is more than enough time to complete your work and submit for grading.  

-If you need to make a correction after submitting, post your correction in the "private comments" section. **YOU MUST EMAIL ME to let me know you made a correction.

-If you are trying to submit a late assignment (and if I am accepting late assignments for that week), post the assignment in the "private comments" section.  Remember, points are deducted daily for late submissions until the assignment reaches zero. **YOU MUST EMAIL ME if you post a late submission to inform me so I may view the late submission for grading.



-You will meet with me live via ZOOM as listed in the following schedule.  This is MANDATORY and you will receive a grade for attending and participating.  Not attending and/or participating will result in a zero for that Zoom class. 


ZOOM Schedule: 

7A: Wednesday, Block 2 @ 9AM

7B: Wednesday, Block 6 @ 1:00


Zoom Rules/Ettiquette:

1. Please show up on time at the scheduled time (attendance is MANDATORY). Attendance is done by five minutes after the hour to receive credit.  For example, if the Zoom session is 11:00, I take attendance as I let students in from the waiting room at 11:05.  Class will start after 11:05. For any extenuating circumstances or technological issues, please have your parent email me or no credit for participation/attendance will be received that day.

2. Find a quiet place free from distractions (siblings, pets, televisions, and no cell phones out out). Have your binder out and a pencil ready to take notes.

3. Maintain respect in speaking, writing, and appearance. This means sitting up properly and fully engaged in the lesson. 

4. Keep camera on at all times. You CANNOT have the camera off.

5. Stay on mute. 

6. Come of off mute to ask me a question if you have your hand raised for a few moments and I do not call on you.

7. Video needs to remain ON and eye contact maintained with the screen and you are not to be looking at other devices on the side.

8. Active participation is required.

9. Do not veer off into personal conversations with other students if chat is open. 

10. Remember, this is still class, so treat it as such!


Google Classroom - Apps on Google Play

Google Classroom "CHECK IN AND QUESTIONS" in Stream Tab

Outside of our Zoom classes, you WILL STILL MEET ME ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM DURING YOUR SCHEDULED CLASS for every class that is NOT a Zoom class.  We are following the same dates and times as our previous block schedule in school.  

You will:

-Check in with me by saying "hi" so I know you are there:

"(Today's Date) Check In and Attendance - Class (your class)"

-Sometimes a question will be posted on random days and you will answer the question instead of typing "hi"

-You can ask me questions during that block period in the daily stream post as well

**Please note: You are NOT to start your own Stream Thread/Post.  You will ask any questions or list any comments on the Stream Thread/Post that I provide for that day

*If you have wifi issues, you must have a parent email me to verify

*Please do not post anything in the "Start Here Slides" comments. Those comments are for me to post more directions to you.

How to Make Gmail HIPAA Compliant  Paubox

When to EMAIL Me

After 2PM, DO NOT list questions on Google Classroom as I will not be active on it and questions will not receive a response.  

*Please EMAIL me any questions after 2PM daily.


All Pearson Passcodes are:  Angels123



Mrs. Conway

Mrs. Conway 7th Grade Homework


Technology Homework

7th Grade Tech Homework

Spanish Homework

7th Grade Spanish Homework