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Welcome to Virtual Learning
Dear Parents and Students, 

    As we continue on our Virtual Learning Journey, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for being active, being patient, being flexible, and being as adaptive as you can be!  We will continue to do our best, no matter what comes our way!


    Mr. Small has created a Google Classroom for 7th Grade.  Please make sure that you login to the Classroom ASAP.  These new Classrooms will be used effective this Monday.

The 7th Grade Classroom Code is:   x3bxf3h 


    Google Classroom: All students will continue to use Google Classroom for news and updates regarding individual class assignments.  Please review your personal Classroom page for updates to current class situations and their adjustments.  General updates will be posted here on the 7B Teacher Page. : Zoom is a live online meeting platform.  Classes will be sent a url and code for accessing meetings.  Meetings will be scheduled based on our regular class schedule.  Attendance will be taken at each meeting.  If you are unable to be present at a meeting, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the time and any assignments in a timely manner.  


    pearsonrealize:  6th Grade Social Studies and 8th Grade Social Studies will continue to utilize for assignments from our textbooks.


      Other:  As specific assignments require additional platforms (Newsela, Kahoot, Classflow, etc) information will be made available through Google Classroom and email. 


     Email:  As always, I am available at  


I am looking forward to beginning this adventure with you!  I appreciate your patience and cooperation as we move forward. 


You continue to be in my prayers.  God bless you!

~Mrs. Conway