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April 27, 2020

We are starting on the new schedule today.  It is the same as our original schedule except we are given days on which we will be live and the other days we will meet exclusively on google classroom.Please go to google classroom at the beginning of every class. There   I will post the link to the live session or we will have class on google classroom.  Have a great weekend!



Be safe and healthy smiley

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Dear Parents and Students,

As you of course know, we are in the midst of a pandemic crisis and will be conducting distance learning classes.  First and most importantly, I hope this message finds you safe and well and that you remain that way during the course of this crisis.

I will be using Zoom, the online text, google classroom,, and  Students should know their passwords for the text,, and google classroom user names.  If they have forgotten them, please email me.  They need to create a username and password for Zoom and Students will create a username and password upon my instruction.

Students should check my 8B webpage on the day of their class. I will post Zoom times and live links to the sessions on this page.  Students will follow their regular schedule in terms of class times and should log on for each session.  If you are having difficulty or were unable to log on, please email me to let me know.  Work will be graded and have deadlines, so students need to be aware of their responsibilities. We will get through this together.

Be safe,


Mrs. Kulesa

P.S. You can click the link below for the textbook website.






 Textbook Website: