Kindergarten A


Please send in trip money for our Dec. 17th trip to the Soup Kitchen ASAP.

Gingerbread House Day:  December 19th

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  May God bless You abundantly!

Doors  open  at 7:30 AM each morning

General class information:

Boys do not need to wear belts with their uniforms

Girls must wear shorts under uniform skirts  Please replace side skirt button with velcro if you are able..

If you have adjustments to your child’s transportation/aftercare schedule(example: on Monday and Tuesday, your child will be picked up, on Wednesday and Thursday, your child will ride the bus, on Friday, your child will attend Aftercare) please let us know in writing. Please update the schedule as needed.

A healthy snack and two extra drink should be sent to school each day.   Please check the main STA website for school calendar, events, lunch and milk orders,  and general information.

We do celebrate birthdays in class.  Please note, the students may not bring in treats or goodie bags. We have special birthday activities planned. The birthday child gets to dress down for the special day. Birthday invitations may be issued to” the whole class”, “all of the boys” or “all of the girls”.  We do not send home individually addressed invitations.

Please label everything your child wears/brings to school (school fleece, jackets, sneakers, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc.)

All students should know how to print first names and recite address and phone number. Please practice the Sign of the Cross (with correct signing), Hail Mary and Our Father. We are testing all of the above.

I f your child cannot tie a shoe, please use velcro sneakers.

We look forward to a wonderful year filled with growth and learning !

Mrs. DeLuca, KA Teacher

Mrs Blaes, KA Aide

You may contact me with questions or concerns through a note placed in your child’s folder or at



Homework Packet: Week of  Dec. 3, 2018

Language Arts: final sounds wkst., "at" family word building

Math: addition wksts.

Challenge: word puzzles

Vocabulary words:  I ,can, am, the, we, see, a, like, to, and

Sight Word Vocabulary for the year:   I, can, we, am, the, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, he, she, are,  with, is, little, was, for, have, they, of ,  what  , said, me, here,this,  want  , play, has, help, too, look, where, who, good, come, does, out, then