Kindergarten A






Kindergarten 2020

Remote learning:   June 01, 2020 - June 10, 2020

Dear Families,

Please check the main wed page for updates.  Please note the following:

June 10th:  Last day of Kindergarten

June 11th:  Pick up school items.  Everyone in our class has a bag of items to be picked up. A schedule has been sent out via school messenger.

Please be advised Zoom sessions with Mrs. Deluca & Mrs. Blaes take place at 9:00AM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, unless otherwise noted. 

Please begin each day  with our morning prayers.  Say the Our Father and Hail Mary for our special intentions.  Count to 100 by fives and twos. 

Monday, June 1, 2020 

Language Arts/Reading: Vacation words--vocabulary picture sort cut and paste/writing “silent” e words/ reading comprehension story—the playground. Youtube video:  I Love Summertime/summer songs for kids/the Singing Walrus 
Math:  telling time on the hour: clock matching cut and paste activity. Youtube video: Hip, hop around the clock/Jack Hartman
Religion:  Pentecost: “The Holy Spirit Comes” booklet and “Spirit of Jesus” dove to cut and fly.  Youtube video: Pentecost/Stories of Jesus/the Holy Tales

Tuesday , June 2, 2020 

Language Arts/Reading: “Beach Ball” creative writing—what will I do this summer/sentence completion: vocabulary review/long and short vowel sort: read, cut and paste. Youtube video: Summertime Bounce!/summer read aloud books for kids   
Math:  Time on the hour and half hour: write the time.   Home video: Time on the half hour
Religion: Sacred Heart of Jesus: prayer and coloring page. Youtube video: Once upon a saint/St. Margaret Mary Alocoque/EWTN

Wednesday, June 3, 2020  

Language Arts/Reading: sight word scramble—using a word bank/ Sunny silent e read, cut and paste/  reading comprehension story—the swing.  Youtube video:  Let’s Go to the Beach/English song for kids
Math:  Time on the hour and half hour—distinguish between time on the hour and time on the half hour: color by code.   Youtube video:  Telling Time to the Half Hour/ Mr. R
Religion: Jesus is our Light for the world: activity page.  Youtube video: We are the world Lyrics/We are the children/ Graduation song for children/Kids online channel

Thursday, June 4 , 2020       

Language Arts/Reading: Beach story sentences: read, color, cut and paste/sunny syllables—sort, cut and paste by clapping out the syllables for each word/”going to the Beach: write a complete sentence telling who goes to the beach with you.  Youtube video: Pete the Cat/Pete at the Beach/Children’s read aloud 
Math: skip counting by tens—color, cut and paste.  Video: Skip Counting by 10 Song/Numberock 
Religion: “Jesus lives within my heart” door hanger for home. Color and cut.  Youtube video: It’s About  L-O-V-E, Love/Jana Alayara: sing along.

Friday, June 5, 2020       

Language Arts/Reading:  using our senses at the beach—write your own words to describe the beach in the beach balls/”Beachy fun” find the word that goes with the picture/”Read and color”—read the sentences and color the picture to match the sentence. Youtube video: Hello Ocean/kids books read aloud/Awnie’s House
Math: Skip counting by fives—fill in the missing numbers.  Color the popsicles to make a pattern.   Youtube video: Skip Counting by 5 Song/Have Fun Teaching
 Religion: The Trinity—three names for one God: read and color.  Video: Trinity song/Ryan Folken

Monday, June 8, 2020     

Language Arts/Reading: “My summer bucket list”—write two wishes for summer using complete sentences;  then color, cut and put together your beach bucket/”Beachy riddles” find the picture that goes with the riddle/”beginning blends”—write the first two letters you hear in each word and color the pictures. Youtube video: Boom Chicka Boom/Summer Dance Song for kids/ the Learning Station
Math: Summer addition word problems—draw a picture to help solve the problem.  Write the addition number sentence.
Religion: We can pray anywhere and at any time—draw to show where you pray.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Language Arts/Reading: Virtual field trip—Take a Field Trip to the Beach//Kid Vision VPK (youtube)  “Kindergarten Graduate” remembrance page. 

Math: Summer addition—making 10: missing addends.

 Religion: My summertime prayer—what I want to say to Jesus

Wednesday, June 10, 2020                                                                                                                                   Special Activities:  Graduation owl cut and paste project  
“Crown of Life” –color, cut and paste celebration crown    
 Youtube video: Have Fun This Summer/Jack Hartman
End of year zoom meeting


Completed classwork may be submitted as a google classroom assignment attachment or by sending a picture of completed work to take pictures of the work and text to 732 546-6155.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these days...

Mrs. DeLuca