Kindergarten B





Welcome to KB


Teacher: Mrs.  Jacqueline Fishbein

Aide: Mrs. Kathryn Sibbio



September 18, 2020

Homework- No homework

All toys must be washed, changed out and brought back to school for Monday.





Please remember lunchboxes.  No snacks are being handed out. Please washcoths in lunchboxes.




Please send in 3 pictures of your child.

Fleece and uniiform washed daily.


1:50 dismissal -full days


All students must use the bathroom before school.


No laces on sneakers or shoes.


All students must bring two snacks and two drinks and a lunch and drink.  

If bringing water-- please the small water bottles.

All children need to know what are  their snacks and what is lunch.

The children take masks off when eating.  So three times a day they get a break.

Practice keeping masks on the faces

Toy bag comes in the first day of school.  Every Friday they go home to be washed. The toys must come back 

the very next day of school.  No toys are in the classroom.  No sharing!  Everyone must have their own toys.

Please change the toys up every week so they are not bored.

Please teach your child how to button pants and zipper skorts.

Asolutely no lace shoes.

All students must know first and last name.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Tues-Gym Clothes

Friday- Gym Clothes