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Welcome to art!

We will be using remote learning until otherwise instructed. I will have art assignments for each grade to complete on google classroom. Handing in these assignments (taking a photo of your work on your phone and e-mailing it to or uploading a picture and submitting it on google classroom) will be my way of knowing who is attending art class, so please don't forget to send me pictures! I assigned directed drawing videos that only require pencil, paper and crayons, so hopefully everyone has what they need at home. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me and I will be available on google classroom during each class's scheduled time. If your child has other art supplies like markers and colored pencils, etc., feel free to let them use them also.

The google classroom codes for art class for each grade are as follows:

Kindergarten - f6nq7lz

1st Grade - rj2eq41

2nd Grade - fpyeotl

3rd Grade - kptfbre

4th Grade - hvjh43m


* If you can not get into google classroom, I will also post each week's work here, and students can submit the work by taking a photo of their completed artwork on a smartphone and e-mailing it to To get the YouTube links to work, you need to right click them and select open in new tab.


Assignment for the week:

Kindergarten and 1st Grade - Dinosaur Directed Drawing due 3/27

This is a directed drawing video of how to draw a dinosaur using shapes.Follow along, pausing the video when needed. When you are finished dinosaur, add a background to your picture. For example, you can add trees, mountains, volcanoes, clouds, etc.


2nd through 4th Grade - Monkey and Koala Directed Drawings due 3/27

Follow along with the videos, pausing when you need to. You can add more details to the background if you would like to. Also, if you have other supplies besides crayons, (colored pencils, markers, etc.) you can use them.


If your child likes art and wants some extra things to do to keep busy, here are some websites they might like:   This website uses flash and has some nice art games for the older ones. This website is more geared towards the little ones, although it has a few games that are suitable for older children. This website has paintings by artists featured in the Albright Knox art gallery that children can interact with. (Grades K-6)  This website has some nice coloring pages. Just print out on a printer and color. You have to sign up for a newsletter, but the coloring pages are free.

I will post more websites as I find them.


I have created a website for current and past artwork created in my classes and some information about art and music classes.

St. Thomas Art and Music Gallery

Hope you enjoy viewing our work as much as we enjoyed creating it!

-Mrs. Frank