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Art Virtual Learning Schedule

Pre K - PreK 4A Mondays at 8:30 am.  Pre K 4B Wednesdays at 10 am.

Kindergarten - KA Thursdays at 12 pm and Fridays at 9 am.

                        KB Wednesdays at 12 pm and Thursdays at 10 am.

First Grade - 1A Thursdays 9am and Fridays at 8 am.

                     1B Tuesdays at 9:30 am and Wednesdays at 1pm.

Second Grade - 2A  Mondays at 10 am and Tuesdays at 12 pm.

                          2B    Thursdays at 8am and Fridays at 10 am.                                                                           

Third Grade - 3A Wednesdays 9 am and Thursdays at 1pm.

                      3B Mondays at 9 am and Tuesdays at 8 am.

Fourth Grade - 4A Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm.

                        4B Mondays and Fridays at 12 pm.


If you have signed up for a parent/teacher conference, you can find the Zoom link here

Click the link for your class to get into the art classroom:

Kindergarten: ygyohbt 

1st Grade: 6h5s5h6

2nd Grade: opiaoc7

3rd Grade: xbsnm2i

4th Grade: pdtqrqm


We will be starting this year with art classes, due to the fact that we cannot sing or share musical instruments. We will be using the supplies requested by the homeroom teachers along with some new supplies I will provide. (For example, if a child uses up their glue stick, I will have new ones on hand for them.) Each child will have their own set of supplies that they can take home with them if we go all virtual. 


I am asking for the following additional supplies:

     *a folder for art class with your child's name on it (remote learners do not need this)

     *a closed pencil sharpener with a cap so students can sharpen pencils at their seat

      (remote learners do not need this) Here's an example:



 *a set of tempera sticks (6 or 12)


The prices of these have been fluctuating due to demand ($6 - $13 a set is average) - 

You can get them at Michael's or Lakeshore in the store (Michael's has 20% off currently)

Here are some examples of what they look like: (kind of like colored glue sticks)  6pk  12pk 12 pk

You can get them online here:

Walmart: 12 pk 6 pk thin 

Amazon: 12 pk


Here are a few examples - (again, prices are fluctuating, but you can find them for  about $5 - 6)

If you have a left-handed child, I would suggest the kind that opens from the bottom (spiral on top).

Thank you!

I'm excited to (hopefully) see most of you again soon!

Mrs. Frank


FOURTH GRADERS - Here is the information for the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey drawing contest:


This is a Virtual Art Show I created in Google Slides.  It has photos I took of some of the art that was completed at school (that I hadn't handed back yet) and a sampling of what we've been doing at home. The artwork that hasn't been given back yet will be handed back at the beginning of the next school year. There are more examples of the art we completed during the school year (and past years) on the St. Thomas Art and Music Gallery website, which you can visit by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


If your child likes art and wants some extra things to do to keep busy, here are some websites they might like:   This website uses flash and has some nice art games for the older ones. This website is more geared towards the little ones, although it has a few games that are suitable for older children. This website has paintings by artists featured in the Albright Knox art gallery that children can interact with. (Grades K-6)  This website has some nice coloring pages. Just print out on a printer and color. You have to sign up for a newsletter, but the coloring pages are free.

Here are some YouTube channels to check out:

Also Thrive Art School's Channel

Just type the name of the Channel into a YouTube search.

Here are some websites for art lessons (some cost money and some are free): ($) (free) (free trial, then $) ($)


Here are some music websites that children might enjoy:

Here is a project you can do with paper towel and toilet paper rolls:

This YouTube channel has lots of fun STEAM activities to do with children:

I will post more websites as I find them.


I have created a website for current and past artwork created in my classes and some information about art and music classes.

St. Thomas Art and Music Gallery

Hope you enjoy viewing our work as much as we enjoyed creating it!

-Mrs. Frank