PreK4 (A)

Welcome to Pre-K  4
Teacher: Mrs. Piccolomini
Instructional Aide : Mrs. Menezes

Welcome to Pre-K!  We hope this is a wonderful experience for your child.  Jitters are normal the first day week of school (for parents).  Everything will be wonderful so try not to worry.

School Hours: 7:45 AM – 1:45 PM
Drop off ( School Main Entrance doors open at 7:30)

Dismissal is at Door #11.

Half day dismissals are at 12:00 PM    

Before care and aftercare are available for Pre-K please check with the main office and fill out all paper work. (732) 251-4812

You may email me at anytime, please note I check my emails before and after school hours. If you have an important message please notify the office. I understand that things happen and I may need to be notified before the end of the day. (Change of pick up, aftercare, etc..)

Please be sure to LABEL  EVERYTHING, coats, hats, gloves, lunch-boxes, backpacks etc….

Please be sure to check & empty your child’s folder each day.

Large backpack and clean washcloth in your child’s lunchbox each day.

Sneakers must be VELCRO.

If your child is going to aftercare please send a healthy snack in a separate bag labeled aftercare snack. Be sure to send in a note and place it in your child’s folder.


Homework will go home on a Monday and must be returned on Friday or the last school day of the week. Please be sure to sign your child’s homework each week. This is a wonderful time to help and guide your child with all the wonderful things they will be learning each week.    



9/5 Before care and aftercare starts

9/9 Hot and bag lunch starts

9/11 Milk starts


Tuesday 9/3 - Orientation will start at 10:30 . I ask that at least one parent attend with your child. I will go over everything you need to know for your child for the school year. I will also hand out a welcome booklet for any needs or concerns. It should be about a half hour.

I am looking forward to meeting all of my little ones and their parents! It is going to be a wonderful school year!

Wednesday- 9/4  8:00 -11:45 dismissal at door #11 please send in a drink and healthy snack.

Thursday- 9/5 8:00 - 11:45 dismissal at door #11 please send in a drink and healthy snack.

Friday- 9/6  8:00 -  11:45 dismissal at door #11 please send in a drink and healthy snack.

Monday 9/9 - Children will have a regular school day. Children must be in by 7:45 at the main entrance and will be dismissed at 1:45 at door #11. Please be sure to send in a healthy snack and lunch. If your child gets milk only one drink is needed. (please remember to place a drink and healthy snack in a separate bag if your child will attend aftercare) It should all fit in their lunchbox.

Wednesday 9/18 - Back to School Night, Please be sure that at least one parent attends. Doors open in the Auditorium at 5:30.

There will be a brief meeting with Ms. Kowit at 6:00. Classroom visits will follow directly after the Principals address.

Please be sure to visit Pre-K first before going to your other childrens classrooms. 

PLEASE NOTE AFTERCARE WILL END AT 5:00 So that teachers can get ready.

Monday 9/30 Class picture day ( information will be sent home)