PreK4 (B)

Welcome to Pre-K (B)
Mrs. Giambrone & Mrs. Block


Dear Parents:

Thank you for all your help during this very uncertain time.  It was my pleasure to teach your child their building blocks to the beginning of education.

As always, please let me know  if you need anything!!!!


We have already completed the letters Aa - Zz and numbers 1 - 30.  In addition please continue to review with your child their sight words and their name.

 Over the summer please continue to review their sightwords.  This will help them ease into kindergarten.

These are educational websites that you may visit to review your child's  Pre- k skills.    


***for religion you may use and



Thank you and God Bless,

Mrs. Giambrone




School Hours: 7:30 – 1:45

Half days dismissal 12:00 door 11

Before care or after care is available for PreK-4  only.  Please contact the office for further information.

Please check your child’s folder each day. You may reach me by email  or place a note in your child’s folder.  Please note that once the children enter for the day I do not sign on. You can also reach me thru the main office, 732 251-4812 .  

Homework is assigned on Mondays and Wednesdays, to be returned the next school day.  Please sign all homework assignments.  This is a great time to see what your child has done for the day.

Please be sure to label everything that you send in.

Sneakers should be Velcro. 

Large backpack and clean washcloth daily.

If your child is going to after care please send in a separate snack and drink. Always send  a note!  (PreK-4 only)

We are a  Peanut Safe School .  Food may not contain any traces of peanuts or tree nuts of any kind.  Please do not send in “Nutella”.

Thank you,
Mrs. Giambrone