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La fe puede mover montañas.

Faith can move mountains.

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! 

An Introduction to Spanish for Kindergarten through Grade 4 :   This course special will familiarize our youngest grade students with spoken Spanish greetings and conversational basics, everyday vocabulary and in the later grades some spelling, sentence structure and verb conjugation, all with the intent of preparation for Spanish 5-8.  Familiar topics include self, school, colors, numbers, shapes, food, pets, pastimes, family, prayers, house, and clothing.   Our classes will typically include a game played in Spanish such as memory matching games, role playing at the beach resort, ordering breakfast or vocabulary Jeopardy - I'm a big proponent of having fun to learn.  I also believe each child needs their special moment so we will sing "Happy Birthday" (Los Mananitas) whenever birthdays occur.  I encourage our students to address me in Spanish whenever they encounter me in the hope that our once a week lessons may be rekindled in their sponge-like minds.


El mejor profesor, no es aquel que sabe mas, sino aquel que hace que el alumno aprenda mas.

Your Children are amazing - Thank You.